Lot size: 31901 m2 Underground: 1 Building material: Brick, wood Building age: 38 and 18 years Landscape: Soft rise Offer number: 650 Additional information:   LOOKING FOR INVESTORS   Locality and attractions: Eastern Slovakia and North - Eastern Hungary Byšta is a village and municipality in the Trebišov district in the Košice Region, on the border of Slánskych a Zemplínskych Hills. Famous Tokaj wine region, destined for the rest, recreation, treatment and recovery of mental and physical strength. Tips for trips from Byšta! Füzér: The castle from 1264 with different summer programs. The Tokaj region: Wine cellars, excellent wine, various celebrations, wine festivals, and a famous Hungarian cuisine. Boldogkőváralja: Beautiful castle and castle-style restaurant in the Middle Ages. Sátoraljaújhely: The bobsled track in the winter and summer with 2275m in length, renowned ski slopes and adventure park. Sárospatak: Castle with a thermal bath.   Property details: These pools have been known since 1867 as a county spas to treat rheumatic diseases. By 2006, there were lively resort with the ability to use healing mineral springs in the treatment of joint, and other rheumatic diseases. During the holidays -  summer camps, many families with small children from Ukraine, Poland and Belarus. Next to the site: approved ten hectares of the forest for  animal  park with deer, mouflon and fallow.   Possibility of building a golf course /90 hectares/. Rugged   terrain with a lot of natural barriers. Water reservoir with 4 acres area for  fishing and beautiful forest. -       Hotel building -       Spa building -       Hostel -       Espresso building The area lies within reach of Hungarian, Ukrainian and especially Slovaks.  

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